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JULY 27TH-29TH, 2007


Friday, July 27th                    1-3 PM            Registration in Hotel Lobby, Meet and Greet

                                                4:00PM           Invocation, Rev. Jim Ellis, Hospitality Room

                                                                        Welcome Family, Co-Presidents, Sandy & Teresa

                                                                        Edenton Welcome from Councilman, Willis Privott

                                                5:00 PM          Carolyn Harris (Historian) Presentation, Light Keepers

                                                6:00 PM          Dinner Break in Edenton on your own

                                                                        (Restaurants and maps included in book)


Saturday, July 28th                7-9 AM           Continental Breakfast Hotel Lobby

                                                9 AM               By-Annual Business Meeting

                                                10:00 AM        Tea Party Presentation, Carolyn Owens

                                                11:00 AM        Vail Hope Ellis (Historian), Presentation

                                                Noon               Lunch Break (pizza any one?)

                                                1:45 PM          Trolley tour of Downtown Edenton, pick up at Hotel

                                                                        (limit 22 for this tour)

                                                            Others may want to tour the Church and Vail home sites at

                                                            this time.  We will work out rides.

                                    6:00 PM          Dinner at Leon Nixon’s Catering, 749 Va. Road Edenton

                                                            Invocation, Rev. Jim Ellis

                                    7:30 PM          Red, White & Blue Tribute to our Vail Military past &

                                                            Present, presented by Brigadier General Nathan C. Vail,

                                                            lll, Retired. * We will be set up to take photos at Nixon’s

                                                            So wear your best smile!!

                                   10:00 PM        Return to Hampton Inn


Sunday, July 29th                    7-9 AM           Continental Breakfast Hotel Lobby

                                                10:00 AM        Wrap Up, Final Thoughts, Goodbyes!

                                                11:00 AM        Check Out



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