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The Minutes of the July 8th - July 10th meeting are as follows:

bulletThe 2005 Vail Reunion was held in Edenton, NC July 8th -10th at the Hampton Inn.  Some 20 families were in attendance.

bulletThe business meeting began with a reading of the '03 minutes by Carolyn Harris, Secretary.  Holly Scarborough rendered a treasures' report:  Balance of $910.38.

New business follows:

bulletThe name, Vail Historical Foundation, was agreed upon.

bulletTo incorporate or not to incorporate elicited a great deal of discussion with no resolution.  It is being held in abeyance until the '07 Reunion.  Perhaps the new presidents will convene an ad hoc committee to recommend a course of action at the '07 Reunion.  Establishment of a tax exempt status was likewise held in abeyance.  It, too, requires resolution at the next reunion.

bulletDues of $25.00 per year, per family were agreed upon.  It will ensure adequate funds for preliminary funding for future reunions.  A family was defined as a mother/father, and children under 18.  Singles:  18 years and older.

bulletOur next reunion will be held at Edenton, NC  27th - 29th July, 2007.  More detailed information will follow.

bulletThe '05 Reunion resumed the morning of 9 July with an invocation by  Rev. Jim Ellis.

bulletMr. Jerry Parks, Mayor Pro Tem of Edenton read a proclamation declaring July 9, 2005 Vail Day in Edenton, NC for having a significant part in Edenton's history.

bulletVail lineage workshops were conducted: 
                   T.O.Vail Line:                     Carolyn Harris
                   N.C.Vail Line:                     N. C. Vail III
                   Benners Whedbee Line:      Vail Ellis

These were followed by group reports.


bulletThe following were elected officers of the Vail Historical Foundation:
                   Co-Presidents:  Sandra Myers Hawley and Theresa Myers Reid
                   Vice President:  Steve Johnson
                   Secretary:  George H. Vail, Jr..
                   Treasurer:  Holly Scarborough

bullet Following a tour of Edenton in the afternoon, dinner was held at the familiar Sound View Restaurant near the Albermarle Sound.  The guest speaker was Harry Thompson, Curator of the Plymouth, NC Museum.  The Reunion was adjourned following the Benediction by Rev. Ellis.

bulletOn reflection, it was clear to me that Reunion '05 would not have happened were it not for the stalwart efforts of Carolyn Harris and daughter, Holly.  And, we were once again reminded of the encyclopedic mind of Vail Hope Ellis and the Vail lineage.

bulletWe discussed the need for a Vail Historical Foundation web site.  There were no volunteers, so I agreed to pursue one with the aid of George Vail, Jr.  In fact, the e-mail of this memo will be the first step towards the establishment of a web site.

bulletAs a final note, we need to ensure all those of Vail descent are encouraged to participate in the '07 Reunion.  And we do need to incorporate the Foundation as a step toward tax exemption.

                                                             Nathan C. Vail III
                                                             BG, USA ( Ret)
                                                             Past President

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