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The Minutes of the July 27th - July 29th meeting are as follows:

Old business follows:

bullet Meeting called to order by President, Sandy Hawley.
bullet Carolyn Harris was appointed to take minutes in the absence of George Vail, Jr., Secretary.  The 2005 minutes were approved as typed.
bullet Treasures’ report by Holly Scarborough was submitted with a balance on July 20, 2007 of $1,968.40.  This does not include the expenses for this year’s reunion.
bulletThe web site is up and running and looks great and Kent Vail may be thanked for this.  You may reach it by  Kent agreed to continue to work with this and if you have any news you want to pass along you may contact him at
bulletA lengthy discussion was held regarding the dues. Some felt they were too high.  It was decided if everyone paid their $25.00 A YEAR it should not be a hardship.  Dues are needed to have money to pay for reservation of the site and food and postage.  A reminder bill will be sent by Kent via email and regular mail to all.  This is also away to keep up with current addresses and phones numbers. The yearly due date ends on June 30th.  Pay yearly and avoid the $50 at once.  Please, note some family members did not pay for the trolley ride.  This takes money away from the treasury that is needed.  Just a reminder when someone turns 21 they are a separate member and can not be included under the family umbrella.
bulletThe tax exempt status was rejected and we will not pursue this due to the cost for now.  This will be tabled until next reunion.

New business follows:

bullet Officers for 2007-2009
bullet President:  Holly Scarborough
bullet Vice President: Steve Johnson
bullet Secretary:  Kent Vail
bullet Treasurer: Jo Ann (Jan) Rudes
bullet Head Historian:  Vail Hope Ellis
bullet Assistant:  Laura Pidonka
bullet Line Historians:
bullet T.O. Vail:  Carolyn Harris
bullet James Taylor:  Vail Hope Ellis
bullet Others:  Laura will set up.


bulletAlice Thomas felt strongly that items such as pens, shirts, coffee cups, etc. should be sold at the reunion to bring in additional money instead of giving as a gifts.  Sandy Hawley appointed Alice and she agreed to head the committee and she will solicit members, if she needs.  This does not take away from those people who want to make an item to give to everyone for a remembrance of the event.  Shelley Metcalf’s name was mentioned as someone interested in helping Alice.
bulletWe are eager to have younger members attend.  We will sponsor a Scholarship for a high school student.  Please, send at any time or included in your dues any amount extra designated to the Vail Historical Foundation Scholarship.  Money is to be sent to Jan.  Holly will appoint a committee chair to set up the guidelines for the scholarship.  We have at this time a $100 donation to get us started.  Remember, your dollars will add up, so give even if it is a little.
bulletThe next Vail Reunion will be in WILMINGTON, N.C. JULY 24-26, 2009. Holly will make contact with Steve regarding the handling of things locally and will work with him.

Respectfully Submitted:

            Carolyn Harris


bulletThank you to Sandy Hawley, Teresa Reid and Holly Scarborough for a great job on the reunion.  Teresa provided beautiful stained glass tea pot hangers. 
bullet Presentations by Vail Hope Ellis on “The Family Tree”, Carolyn Harris on, “How the Vails were involved in the Light House Systems in North Carolina” and Carolyn Owens from Edenton on the “Tea Party”. 
bulletWe were happy to learn that four of the Vail ladies were actually part of the fifteen ladies proven to actually have been involved out of 52 who had signed the proclamation.  The first lighthouse keeper (Thomas Clifton) was not a direct line to the Vails, but the father of Lucia Clifton married to a Vail and later a Bowen.
bulletA trolley ride around Edenton was enjoyed by many.  The high light of the evening was a delicious meal at Nixon’s.  A Red White & Blue Tribute to the Vail Military with a medal was presented by Gen Nate Vail to several members present.  Family portraits were taken along with a group picture. 
bulletThis was an enjoyable reunion and again thanks to all that helped in anyway!


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